Assistant Professor Claudia Mohr

Claudia Mohr receives prestigious award for outstanding research in Aerosol Science

Claudia Mohr, Assistant Professor at the Department of Environmental Science, is the co-recipient of the Schmauss Award 2020 of the German Association for Aerosol Research for her outstanding contributions to the understanding of atmospheric aerosol interactions and their impact on air quality and climate.According to the jury, Mohr’s work has advanced the understanding of aerosol composition, sources, and interactions as …

Thawing permaforst. Photo: Benjamin Jones via Wikimedia Commons

Priming effect of plant roots boosts carbon emissions from thawing permafrost

A key uncertainty in climate projections is the amount of carbon emitted by thawing permafrost in the Arctic. Plant roots in soil stimulate microbial decomposition, a mechanism called the priming effect. An international research team from Stockholm University, Umeå University and the French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE) shows that the priming effect alone can cause …

The Virtual PhD Defence: the way forward or a cautionary tale?

There have been numerous discussions over the past few months about the impact of the coronavirus crisis on education. Educational institutions around the world have adopted digital teaching approaches in an effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and safeguard the wellbeing of their students and staff. In response to the extraordinary circumstances, PhD candidates at Stockholm University have …

Second chance to apply for courses and programmes for autumn admission at the Department of Environmental Science

Mark your calendars! On July 15 late application for courses and programmes opens for prospective students at the Department of Environmental Science. Below you will find information about what and how you can apply for. Good luck! How to apply All applications are to be made through the National Agency for Higher Education web page  (in English) or  …

Geosciences building, Stockholm University. Photo: Hanna Hellzén Cramér

To all students: Information about the autumn semester 2020

(På svenska – se nedan) From August 31, Stockholm University will gradually start returning to teaching on campus. The transition will take place taking current circumstances into account, and following recommendations from the government. During the first part of the autumn, teaching will be given both online and on campus. Courses at the Department of Environmental Science will be offered …

Astrid Söderbergh Widding, Stockholm University President. Photo: Eva Dalin/Stockholm University

Message to students from Stockholm University President

Hello to all students at Stockholm University! It has been a semester that really has not resembled anything else. Who would have expected, when we started as usual after the Christmas and New Year holidays, that in March we would change completely overnight to online education? Since then, it has slowly begun to sink in that there is no real …

Malte Posselt is this year’s Sigrid Arrhenius Fellow

The Committee for Natural Sciences at Stockholm University has awarded the 2020 Sigrid Arrhenius Scholarship to Malte Posselt, 32, former PhD student at the Department of Environmental Science. Posselt defended his thesis entitled “Transformation of Micropollutants in the Hyporheic Zone” on April 27 this year. In his work, Malte Posselt used advanced analytical techniques together with lab and field based …

Online teaching in full swing at the Department of Environmental Science

Since 18 March all teaching at Stockholm University has been moved online across 53 academic departments and centres and the transition from a seminar room with a projector to a computer screen and a set of headphones has been swift. Marlene Ågerstrand, Assistant Professor at the Department of Environmental Science, is one of the early adopters of the new teaching …

Local particulate emissions in Swedish cities account for the majority of premature deaths, according to a new PhD thesis by David Segersson. Photo: Henrik Ostrup

Fewer premature deaths from air pollution in Stockholm likely due to Corona Effect

In the midst of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, traffic in major streets in central Stockholm was reduced by a fifth on average during March, report researcher from the Department of Environmental Science and pollution watchdog in the Stockholm region. Less traffic is expected to result in fewer premature deaths from air pollution this year.   As a third of the …

Photo: Björn Eriksson

Unknown PFAS are abundant in marine mammals from the Northern Hemisphere

Researchers at the Department of Environmental Science discovered new fluorinated chemicals in marine mammals from the Northern Hemisphere. The study was just published in Environmental Science and Technology. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances or PFASs are a class of more than 4000 man-made compounds that are infamously known as ‘forever chemicals’, because they do not break down naturally in the environment. …

Stockholm University chemists mix hand sanitiser for current health care needs

Just over 200 litres of newly produced hand sanitiser, plastic gloves, face masks and other items in high demand comprise the first consignment of disposable items, assembled by chemists at Stockholm University to be delivered to hospitals to help meet current urgent healthcare needs in the wake of the spread of COVID-19. The Swedish health care system is currently experiencing …

Stockholm University moves to distance learning from March 18 due to COVID-19 risks

Dear students and staff at Stockholm University Due to the difficult situation caused by the coronavirus infection in Sweden, the Government has today, 17 March, asked all educational institutions (and upper secondary schools) to transition to distance learning from tomorrow, Wednesday, 18 March. Stockholm University will follow this directive, and consequently, I declare that, from 18 March 2020, and until …

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