Six ACES researchers have excelled in the latest Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development (Formas) funding rounds, attracting more than 27,4 million SEK (€2.6 million) for 8 projects.

The funding includes grants delivered through highly competitive research schemes announced yearly by both Swedish agencies, which provide three- to five-year financial support for researchers and their research groups.

“Since we had secured grants from those agencies back in 2017, and 2018, meaning that grantees could not reapply in 2019, we knew that this year’s rounds would be tougher. Given the circumstances, I am delighted to see that both junior and senior researchers got funding. The department now stands on solid financial ground and has a tremendous diversity of interesting and important research projects in the pipeline that tackle pressing environmental challenges. I am already looking forward to an exciting 2020!” says Magnus Breitholtz, Professor and Head of Department.

Recipients of the grants include Associate Professor Anna Sobek (combined 6,5 million SEK/€623,000), former ACES Researcher Tinja Olenius (combined 5,7 million SEK/ €546,000), Researcher Jana Johansson (4,6 million SEK/€440,000 from Formas), Researcher Rui Bao (3.9million SEK/€373,000 from the Swedish Research Council), Professor Michael McLachlan (3,7 million SEK/€354,000 from the Swedish Research Council) and Researcher Hitesh Motwani (3 million SEK/€287,000 from Formas).

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