Researchers at ACES received 85.2 million SEK (€8.8 million) in research grants in fiscal year 2016. Nordic funding agencies awarded 45.1 million SEK (€4.6 million), or 53 percent of the total, led by The Swedish Research Council Formas with 18.7 million SEK (€1.9 million) and the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation with 13 million SEK (€1.3 million). EU funds amounted to 36.7 million SEK (€3.8 million) or 43 percent of the total, with the European Research Council (ERC) alone contributing 24 million SEK (€2.5 million). The remaining 4 percent or 3.4 million SEK (€400.000) was secured from the US Department of Energy.

“ACES has had a very successful year in attracting research grants. It is particularly pleasing to see the broad diversity of funding sources. Many hands have contributed to this year’s success, both in preparing grant applications and building ACES’ strong research reputation. How fitting to close out 2016 with the prospect of a promising future,” says Michael McLachlan, head of ACES.

A total of 23 research projects were selected for funding in 2016. Examples of such projects include:

 24 million SEK (€2.5 million) over 5 years from the European Research Council for studying subsea permafrost systems in the Arctic.

 13 million SEK (€1.3 million) over 4 years from the Knut and Alice Wallengberg Foundation for determining and quantifying the main processes responsible for the observed rapid Arctic change using observations and modelling approaches.

 3.5 million SEK (€360000) over 4 years from The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) for studying the long-range transport of chemical pollutants with regard to marine aerosols.

 3.5 million SEK (€360000) over 3 years from the European research initiative BONUS for studying the distribution and effects of microplastic in the Baltic Sea.

 3.4 million SEK (€350000) over 3 years from the US Department of Energy for re-evaluating a global data set of aerosol hygroscopicity measurements and compare it to a large set of global climate models.

 3 million SEK (€310000) over 3 years from The Swedish Research Council Formas for studying the actual workings of the substitution principle in EU chemicals control to achieve a circular economy

 2.5 million SEK (€260000) over 3 years from the European Chemical Industry Council – Long Range Research Initiative (Cefic LRI) for bioaccumulation of surfactants.

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