Patrik Andersson will chair a session at SETAC Glasgow entitled “Methods for linking chemical exposure to emissions”. The session addresses the complex mix of chemicals that are emitted from point and diffuse sources in the indoor and outdoor environment which causes exposure to humans and the ecosystems. These emissions occurs at all stages of the product life cycle – starting with the raw material and ending as waste.  To perform chemical risk assessment and to manage chemical risks, both for specific substances and for mixtures, data on exposure is needed and as a basis for that a better scientific understanding of emissions is required. This session is a forum for presentation of results based on various methods used for the linking of emissions and exposure, e.g.  calculations of emissions based on analytical studies as well as basic and advanced models for emission estimation and their validation,  and life-cycle assessment approaches.

This will be an important session as MiSSE perform research on the indoor environment and focus on chemicals emitted from household products which can be associated to dust particles and exposed to cats and humans.