MiSSE in SVT News

The reporter Karin Axelsdotter Olsson from the Swedish Television (SVT) came to visit Bernt Jones (SLU-KV) and Jessica Norrgran (SU-MMK) for an interview regarding the MiSSE project. The result was shown on the evening news on the 15th of October. Bernt […]

Advisors to MiSSE

After a careful consideration at the Kick-Off meeting it was decided to ask Professor Andreas Kortenkamp and Professor Tinka Murk to become advisors to MiSSE project. To our delight they both accepted the invitation. They will be invited to attend one […]

Flameretardants in cat blood

Jessica Norrgran analysed if there is a link between polybrominated diphenylether (PBDE) levels in cat blood and feline hyperthyroidism (FH). PBDEs are brominated flameratardants (BFRs) that have been used as additives, that is they have not been chemically bonded into the products. Consequently, […]

MiSSE Kick-Off meeting in Uppsala

The Kick-Off of the MiSSE project was held 1-2/10-2012 and was hosted by SLU in Uppsala. All partners were asked to present their experience in the field, their role in the project and future perspectives and wishes for outcomes. Central topics were discussed, […]

The Project MiSSE offically started

1st of October 2012 is the official strating date of the MiSSE project. The project will continue until the 30th of September 2017.

Article in “Ny-Teknik” about MiSSE

Jana Weiss (VU-IVM) was approached by journalist Linda Nohrstedt from the Swedish Technical Journal “Ny Teknik” regarding the grant given out by FORMAS to MiSSE project. Jana presented the project in general, mentioning the lack of knowledge regarding suspected cocktail […]

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