Montano et al 2013A recently published article by Mauricio Montano (co-authored by Jana Weiss and Tinka Murk) address that biological activation (i.e. metabolization) enhance the thyroidogenic activity of compounds present in river sediments. Mauricio tested the activity in a newly established assay measuring the TTR-binding* potency. Mauricio showed that sediment extracts which have been activated by a metabolic treatment increased its TTR-binding potency.

The results are important for the MiSSE project as we might see difference in compounds activity associated to dust (no metabolic activation) and activity in the cat serum (with metabolic activation). MiSSE is considering performing similar experiments as Mauricio, that is to perform metabolic activation on the dust samples to see its full thyroidogenic potency.

The article is published in Environmental Science & Technology, Vol 47, pp 8878-8886.

* Transthyretin (TTR) is a transport protein for Thyroxin (T4) in the blood system. Binding to the protein can disrupt the natural transport of T4 to its targets.