Höga halter flamskyddsmedel hos katter

The paper by ACES researcher Jana Weiss and colleagues where they found brominated chemicals in the blood of indoor cats was featured in major Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

Scientists call for control on all PFAS compounds

Feature article about the paper by ACES professor Ian Cousins and colleagues in Switzerland and the USA where they called for global action to better regulate production and use of the high number of PFAS currently on the market.

Forskare vill se hårdare tag mot högfluorerade ämnen

ACES professor Ian Cousins was interviewed about an article he co-authored with colleagues from Switzerland and the US on how to best deal with large number of PFAS currently on the market. From 2’30” (in Swedish)

Decision making in the Anthropocene

Opinion feature in The Huffington Post written by ACES professor Kevin Noone  together with Bjørn Haugland, the Chief Sustainability Officer at DNV GL and deals with challenges in the decision making process in a “post-truth” era. ” How to separate fact from fantasy, opinion from evidence?”

Insert about plastics in TV magazine program

ACES professor Magnus Breitholtz was interviewed about plastics in the environment for a TV program produced by Swedish Television. The interview is in Swedish (14:54 to 22:15)

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