Ilona Riipinen. Foto: Markus Marcetic

ACES professor Ilona Riipinen is the youngest person ever appointed to professor at Stockholm University.

In the middle of December 2016, Stockholm University’s Vice-Chancellor Astrid Söderbergh Widding promoted Associate Professor Ilona Riipinen to Professor of Atmospheric Science starting on 1 January 2017. A month later, in the beginning of February, Ilona turned 35 years old, which makes her the youngest person ever to be appointed to professor at Stockholm University.

Ilona completed her doctorate degree at the University of Helsinki in 2008, after which she spent two years as a postdoctoral researcher in the US before getting a permanent position at Stockholm University. She was awarded an ERC Starting Grant around the same time, and later on she became a Wallenberg Academy Fellow. For the past six months or so, she has also been in charge of 35 members of staff as Head of the Atmospheric Science Unit at ACES.

Ilona was recently named as one of the world’s most cited – and therefore most influential – researchers of 2016.

Watch a video about Ilona’s research and why she chose Stockholm University.


Ilona Riipinen
Head of unit
Atmospheric Science

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