20160929 at 13:00:00
Ahlmannsalen, Geohuset

The GoAmazon 2014/15 experiment (Observations and Modeling of the Green Ocean Amazon) was a great opportunity to study how urbanisation can change aerosol properties under pristine conditions in a tropical rain forest. The experiment too place rom January 2014 to December 2015 in the vicinity of Manaus, Brazil, where seven sampling stations were operated. Properties analysed were size distribution, organic and inorganic composition, scattering and absorption, CCN activation, vertical profiles and many others.

Aircraft measurements show a large enhancement of particles at high altitudes (higher than 12Km) that are CCN active and mostly organic. We also show the aerosol formation as the Manus plume evolve, changing optical properties and CCN activity. Influence of the additional particles on cloud properties are strong.

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