March 23, 2023 at 14:00
Hall G, Arrhenius Laboratory, Stockholm University and online: Zoom link will be sent to those who signed up

Presentation and discussion of the results and the IPCC’s role in Climate Policy and in Society


1. 14:00
Welcome words

2. 14:10-15:00
The IPCC AR6 Synthesis Report: Main Messages and Results 
Francis X. Johnson, Stockholm Environment Institute

3. 15:00-15:30
Coffee break

4. 15:30-16:30
Panel discussion on the role of IPCC reports in society and climate policy
(in Swedish)


Erland Källén, Professor emeritus, Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University (SU)


Karin Bäckstrand, Professor, Department of Political Science, SU
Erik Kjellström, Professor, SMHI, member of the Climate Policy Council
Lennart Bengtsson, Professor Emeritus, Max Planck Institutes, Hamburg
Eva Krutmeijer, science communicator EKKO AB
Svante Bodin, Docent, former Senior Adviser, Ministry of the Environment

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The Swedish Meteorological Society, the Department of Meteorology and the Bolin Center at Stockholm University

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