February 15, 2022 at 14:00
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Join the webinar “The global threat from plastic pollution: Welcome to a seminar with academia and industry!” organised by the Stockholm University Centre for Circular and Sustainable Systems (SUCCeSS).


The global threat from plastic pollution

An analysis of plastic pollution as a “novel entity” planetary boundary threat, and rational strategies for confronting plastic pollution of the environment.

Prof. Matthew MacLeod, Stockholm University.

Matthew MacLeod is Professor of Environmental Chemistry in the Department of Environmental Science at Stockholm University, Sweden, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) and Associate Editor of the RSC journal Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts. Professor MacLeod studies factors that control human and environmental exposure to pollutants using mathematical models to quantify exposure, and to design and interpret laboratory experiments and field studies.

The goal of his research is to build a quantitative and process-level understanding of factors that determine exposure to environmental pollutants and microplastic, and to develop practical tools and guidance that support rational management strategies.

More information can be found on his webpage and

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EU Standardization for Plastic Recycling: Case, VOLVO

EU standardization for plastic recycling in automotive sector and the corresponding Volvo standardization strategy will be covered.

Dr Peng Liu, Standardization engineer for non-metallic materials & plastics Recycling at Volvo Group.
Responsible for all the corporate standards regarding plastics, rubbers, composite materials, coolants, adhesives, etc. Among areas of responsibility, standardization for plastic recycling is definite a focus area of the work, which is in alignment with both EU initiatives and Volvo sustainability strategy. Besides, being as convenor of CEN/TC301/WG17 plastics recycling and sustainability for road vehicles, Dr Peng Liu is also very active at Swedish national and international standardization panels, such as SIS, CEN and ISO

The seminar will be concluded by a panel discussion.

Chair: Anna Sobek
Panel discussion lead by: Lennart Bergström

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