Hållbarhetsforum 2021

Program Den 22 april 2021 anordnas Hållbarhetsforum för tredje gången på temat “Från kris till hållbar samhällsutveckling”. Hållbarhetsforum 2019. Victor Galaz, docent i statsvetenskap, från Stockholm Resilience Centre talar. Foto: Jens Olof Lasthein Välkommen att anmäla dig här.   Tid: kl. 08.45-15.30 Plats: Digitalt evenemang (länk skickas ut i förväg till dig som är anmäld)   08.45–13.20   Inledning – Kriser, krishantering …

Interactions between organic contaminants and biogeochemical cycles

Emma Undeman will give her 45-minute Docent/Associate Professor lecture entitled  ”Interactions between organic contaminants and biogeochemical cycles”. The lecture will provide an introduction to how biogeochemical processes influence environmental transport and fate of organic contaminants. The lecture will be streamed online.

Climate effects of black carbon aerosols

August Andersson will hold his 45-minute lecture for his appointment as Docent/Associate Professor. The lecture will be streamed online.

PERFORCE3 Webinar: Professor Jennifer Field

Curious Incidences of PFAS at Environmental Interfaces Impacted by Aqueous Film Forming Foams  Dorin Bodgan, Emerson Christie, Konstantinos Kostarelos, Charles Schaefer, Trever Schwichtenberg, and Jennifer A. Field Many per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are surface-active-agents, designed to impart properties of oil and water repellency to surfaces of consumer products and to lower the surface tension of aqueous commercial solutions. Given their …

Global Biogeochemical Cycling of Mercury

Anne Sorensen will hold her 45-minute Docent/Associate Professor lecture entitled “Global Biogeochemical Cycling of Mercury.” The lecture is aimed as an introduction to our understanding of current problems related to mercury at global-, regional- and local scale. The lecture will be streamed online.      

Bolin Days

The Bolin Days will take place in a COVID-19- adjusted format, meaning live stream from Aula Magna for participants and with the possibility to participate in person at Aula Magna for speakers. The Bolin Days is the annual conference of the Bolin Centre for Climate Research where new climate science results are presented and we meet each other to exchange …

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