About the Environmental Science Colloquium Series (ECo-Series)

The ECo-Series provides a forum for discussing scientific issues of societal relevance, sharing new and innovative techniques, and for interacting with other scientists, stakeholders and policy makers. Our aim is to provide entertaining, educational, and provocative events which foster discussion and creativity both within and outside of the Department.

Secondary organic aerosol reduced by mixture of atmospheric vapours

Secondary organic aerosol contributes to the atmospheric particle burden with implications for air quality and climate. Biogenic volatile organic compounds emitted from plants are important secondary organic aerosol precursors with isoprene emissions dominating globally.However, its yield of particle mass from oxidation is generally modest compared to that of other terpenoids.Herewe show that isoprene, carbon monoxide and methane can suppress the …

Recent findings on the mechanisms and atmospheric effects of new particle formation from sulfuric acid and bases

Secondary aerosol particles originating from vapors make a substantial contribution to the particle number, thus affecting the dynamics and properties of aerosol distributions, and consequently aerosol impacts on clouds and climate. This seminar discusses recent studies conducted together with e.g. University of Helsinki, Peking University and University of California, Irvine, on the very initial steps of new particle formation occurring …

Pollutants and climate change – dual threats to the Arctic

Seminar by Derek Muir and others celebrating him as the King Carl XVI Gustaf Professor in Environmental Science Be aware that you must take your seat by 10:50 and that the room doors will close at 10:55. Please sign up for the seminar here: https://form.jotformeu.com/90634321522347 The whole program: Seminar with Dr. Derek Muir  

Öppet hus för gymnasister

Välkommen till Öppet Hus vid Stockholms universitet tisdagen den 12 mars 2019 kl 14.00-18.00 I utställningen och på seminarierna svarar våra studenter och studievägledare på frågor om utbildning och möjligheterna efter examen. –Frågor och svar om Miljövetenskap, Geologi, Geovetenskap, Geografi, och Biogeovetenskap 14.15–14.45 Ahlmannsalen Läs hela programmet här: https://www.su.se/om-oss/evenemang/%C3%B6ppet-hus

Constraining the role of surface-active organics in cloud formation

Aerosol-cloud interactions (ACI) constitute the largest source of uncertainty in global radiative forcing estimates, hampering our understanding of climate sensitivity and evolution. Recent evidence from laboratory and field observations suggest that surface tension depression by organic aerosol may have a significant impact on aerosol-cloud interactions. It remains commonplace however to assume a surface tension of water when predicting cloud droplet …

Synchrotron radiation excited electron spectroscopy of sea salt aerosol particles

The electronic structure of unsupported nano-objects has long been of fundamental interest, as abrupt changes and surprising quantum phenomena appear when single atom properties evolve to the collective electronic properties of infinite solids. However, also from the applied point of view the investigation of free-standing nano-sized matter is now more timely than ever: nanoparticles are ubiquitous in nature with impact …

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