The new Environmental Science Colloquium Series or ECo-Series is organized around two different kinds of seminar events: Inward-looking seminars and outward-looking events. The inward-looking seminars are aimed at exposing us to the research that is happening either in-house or outside of the Department of Environmental Science that is of general interest to the broad spectrum of department colleagues. These may have the “traditional” seminar format, and involve speakers within or external to the department. These seminars are intended to be complementary to the perhaps more specialized seminars that occur in each of the units. While having a research focus, the intention is that they be at a generally accessible level. The outward-looking seminars are aimed at exploring our contributions to the science-policy-practice nexus. Here we will look at scientific issues of societal relevance; the focus will be not so much on research details, but rather on how our science can contribute to improving society. These will often involve stakeholder participants, or have a focus on outreach rather than on scientific detail. Alternative formats are encouraged for outward-looking seminars. Both kinds of seminars are intended to allow us to explore the breadth and depth of the science we produce, as well as how our work contributes to our vision: A society that develops in balance with nature.