About the Environmental Science Colloquium Series (ECo-Series)

The ECo-Series provides a forum for discussing scientific issues of societal relevance, sharing new and innovative techniques, and for interacting with other scientists, stakeholders and policy makers. Our aim is to provide entertaining, educational, and provocative events which foster discussion and creativity both within and outside of the Department.

New exposomic technology for improving public health and prevention

ACES Science Seminar: New exposomic technology for improving public health and prevention Throughout our lifetime we are exposed to a multitude of food and environment-related molecules. These exposures, referred to as the ‘chemical exposome’ in its totality, may impact the etiology of a large share of human diseases. Analytical technology remains a major limitation to enable true exposome-wide association studies …

Bert Bolin Climate Lecture 2023

The Bert Bolin Lecture on Climate Research is given annually to commemorate professor Bert Bolin and his pioneering work for climate research at Stockholm University and internationally. The speaker is selected among prominent scientists within climate research by the Faculty of Science. This year’s guest speaker is Professor Trude Storelvmo from the University of Oslo, who will be discussing the …

Bridging the gap between climate science and policy

The Bolin Centre for Climate Research invites you to participate in a panel discussion and networking session with experts in climate science and policy. The event aims to provide an opportunity for Bolin Centre members to meet and discuss the centre’s position on the intersection of research, policy, and outreach. The panel discussion will focus on ways to improve the …

Open Science – From Policy to Practice

The “Open Science – From Policy to Practice” conference will highlight different perspectives of shaping, implementing and embedding Open Science. The aim is to exchange knowledge, share best practices and to discuss how Open Science can contribute to strengthening sustainable futures and democracies in and beyond the European Union. The event will take place in Stockholm on 16-17 May 2023 …

Docent Lecture by Dr. Bo Yuan

Welcome to the Docent Lecture at 10 AM on May 15th given by Dr. Bo Yuan, with the title of “The Environmental Fate and Behavior of Multi-Constituent Contaminants”.

Symposium on the Exposome

For more information and programme: EIRENE Sweden Symposium on the Exposome

Unmasking the effects of aerosols on greenhouse warming in Europe

Co-emission of aerosols and greenhouse gases is highly attributed to man-made activities, while the corresponding radiative forcing appears very differently. The global radiative forcing from the greenhouse gases (positive) has increased substantially since 1980, while relatively small changes are found in the radiative forcing (negative) from the aerosols. The large differences in the atmospheric lifetime of the climate drivers in …

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