The Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry (ACES) offers PhD programmes in Applied Environmental Science, Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry. A PhD program at ACES is generally a four-year program which includes 60 ECTS course work and a research project conducted under the supervision of a scientist at ACES. The programs demand a high degree of independence and initiative on the part of the student.

Research at ACES comprises a wide variety of studies, ranging from determining which substances and how much of these substances are present in a given sample to understanding and finding solutions to environmental problems caused by anthropogenic influences on the natural environment. ACES offers PhD work within atmospheric science, (eco)toxicology, organic and inorganic environmental contaminant studies, biogeochemical studies, and includes field, analytical, and/or modelling approaches. Please browse our see research pages for more information on our research topics and projects.

Positions are limited and announced on the ACES web page four times per year (August, October, January and April) under Job opportunities. Contacts and instructions for how to apply are included in the announcements.


Qualifications / Entrance requirements

To be eligible for the PhD in Applied Environmental Science, the applicant must have at least four years of full-time university studies, or equivalent, with a major in one of the natural sciences and at least 60 ECTS at the advanced level (second cycle), including at least 30 ECTS in an independent thesis project.

To be eligible for the PhD in Analytical Chemistry, the applicant must meet the following requirements: a university degree in chemistry corresponding to at least 90 ECTS, at least one advanced course in analytical chemistry at 15 ECTS, and a thesis project in analytical chemistry of at least 30 ECTS.

To be eligible for the PhD in Environmental Chemistry, the applicant must meet the following specific requirements: a university degree with chemistry as the main subject and an advanced thesis project in chemistry of at least 30 ECTS.


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