Humanity’s footprint has altered the planet. Global warming, water and air pollution, ocean acidification, and loss of biodiversity are just a few of the myriad of environmental problems caused by humans. Understanding and resolving these problems is paramount to global sustainability.

Environmental Science provides the knowledge and tools to confront environmental problems. The challenge is notoriously complex and it cannot be tackled using approaches from any single scientific discipline, nor even using natural science alone. Environment Science is therefore rooted in multidisciplinary natural sciences, but also encompasses the social sciences, law, medicine, and the humanities. In practice, Environmental Science is an excellent option for those who like to work in a team. When confronting transdisciplinary environmental problems, many heads are better than one!

Why study at Stockholm University?

Stockholm University is a centre of excellence that consistently ranks among the top universities in the world in Environmental Science.  Our academic faculty carry out ground-breaking research using top notch facilities and instruments.  But, we recognize that environmental problems are solved by people, and not by science alone. Therefore, we are committed to educating the next generation of environmental problem solvers , not only with an understanding of science, but also the societal context that is needed to activate the science to confront environmental problems.

More information

 We currently offer two Master’s programmes in environmental science (both in English), each with a dedicated focus:


Selection and application.

Selection is based on grades of academic courses and relevance of previous studies for the chosen programme. Please do not send Bachelor’s dissertations or motivation letters with your application as these would not be considered in the selection process. For international students, please read the relevant information.