Analytical Chemistry is at the core of many different fields of inquiry, from developing pharmaceuticals to testing for environmental contaminants. It’s the science of measuring chemicals, fundamental to many breakthroughs in the field of chemistry.

In the Analytical Chemistry programme, students gain a broad understanding of the field as a whole, deepen their knowledge of a sub-discipline, and acquire an advanced understanding of analytical research methods through active laboratory work. Classes are taught by world-class researchers with diverse research interests who are active in their fields.

The programme consists of four mandatory courses (60 ECTS total), a free elective course (15 ECTS) and a mandatory degree project (45 ECTS). The degree projects feature independent research as part of a research group at ACES or in partnership with industry. Students can create their own topic or chose an available degree project.


Programme Schema

Year 1
HT Advanced Separation Methods,
Mass Spectometry
VT Chemometrics,
Bioanalytical chemistry
Year 2
HT Free Elective Course,
Begin Degree Project
VT Degree Project, full time,
Alternatively 60 ECTS Degree Project



  • Bachelor’s degree with at least 90 ECTS credits in chemistry
  • Passing an approved English-language proficiency test

This programme is taught in English.



Director of Studies in Analytical Chemistry
Professor Roger Westerholm,

Course director/examinator Degree Project in Analytical Chemistry
Professor Conny Östman,

Courses in Chemistry at Stockholm University

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Student counsellors

Environmental Science
Miljö- och hälsoskydd

Frida Edberg

Analytical Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry

Carl-Johan Högberg
Paula Jokela