List of available degree projects at bachelor’s level

  • Can microplastics affect swimming and feeding in aquatic filtrators?, pdf
  • Investigate long-term changes in temperature and AOT for the Baltic Sea region, pdf

List of available degree projects at master’s level

  • Chemical enhancement of microbial biodegradation of contaminants, pdf
  • Poorly known cyanobacterial toxins and their effects on the Baltic zooplankton, pdf
  • It takes two to tango? Induction of physiological and metabolic responses in cyanobacteria by zooplankton grazers, pdf
  • Analysis of Hanöbukten Sediment and Cod using a Non-target Approach, pdf
  • Development of risk assessment procedures for genotoxic compounds using methods with potential to reduce animal experiments, pdf
  • Epigenetic changes in Daphnia magna induced by microplastics-derived styrene, pdf
  • Genotoxicity and embryo malformations in amphipods exposed to contaminated sediments, pdf
  • Transformation of phthalates in dust, pdf
  • Long term trends in cloud base height in the Arctic, pdf
  • Long-term trends of aerosol optical properties at Mt. Zeppelin station, Svalbard, pdf
  • Development of an Orbitrap mass spectrometry method for measurement of DNA adducts as biomarker of oxidative damage, pdf
  • Masters thesis on the effect of changing climate on sea spray aerosol emissions, pdf
  • Water purification from organic contaminants, pdf
  • Tracking black carbon sources in Europe, pdf
  • Arctic aerosols physico-chemical properties, pdf
  • Comparison of aerosol optical depth measured with AERONET sun photometer and spaceborne CALIPSO lidar, pdf
  • List of available degree projects within the Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO) partnership, pdf
  • Tracing dechlorinating bacteria in Baltic sea sediment, pdf




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