Course description

This course introduces the principles of toxicology with the aim of understanding the hazards posed to humans and wildlife by chemical contaminants.

Toxicology for Environmental Scientists

A particular focus for this course will be on dose-response relationships, how chemicals are taken up, distributed and eliminated in living organisms, subsequent adverse effects, and consideration of underlying molecular mechanisms of toxicity.

Topics covered include:

  • exploration of dose-response relationships, toxicological thresholds and methods in toxicological testing
  • chemical and biological considerations of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME)
  • toxicological receptors, and mechanisms-of-action leading to adverse-effects

Course includes lectures, laboratory work, workshop exercises, presentations and discussions.

Required course for MSc in Environmental Science, Elective course in the natural sciences.

Special eligibility requirements

Knowledge equivalent to a bachelor's degree, including at least 30 credits in chemistry, good command of English.


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