The course deals with both theoretical and practical ecotoxicology with focus on the application of different tools and methods to prevent or discover negative environmental effects during the life cycle of a product, i.e. its production, usage, and disposal. Theory will be dealt with in lectures, as well as in group work in which the acquired ecotoxicological knowledge will be used to study environmentally hazardous activities which have been or are to be the subject of investigation by authorities and/or private companies. For example, group work might concern risk assessment of individual chemicals or environmental impact assessment of sewage, waste water, or polluted sediments. Laboratory work will focus on how to assess the toxicity of chemicals and uptake by aquatic organisms. Throughout the course, reference will be made to current legislation, both national and European. The course might be given in Swedish if only Swedish students are admitted. The course is given in the second half of the Fall term.

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The course Ecotoxicology, 15 ECTS, (BL5012) or equivalent. Good command of the English language


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