Course description

This course will introduce general principles of regulatory risk assessment of chemicals. Concepts that will be covered include: hazard assessment, exposure assessment, and risk characterization.

An overarching theme will be the use of scientific data in decision-making and how data are evaluated and weighed in this process. In addition, the course will give an overview of the major European and international regulations and agreements for chemicals.

The course will include a project work that will give the students practical experience and understanding of the risk assessment process. To be able to critically examine a risk assessment, and to identify an assessment’s limitations, uncertainties and possible sources of errors is an important learning goal of this course.

Special eligibility requirements

Knowledge equivalent to MI7014 “Large Scale Challenges to Climate and Environment”, and MI7015 “Toxicology for Environmental Scientists”.

Course coordinator

Magnus Breitholtz
Head of department
Exposure & Effects

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Study counsellors

Environmental Science
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Analytical Chemistry
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