Course description

This course builds on principles learned in Toxicology for Environmental Scientists through exploration of current research trends, and discussion of case-studies, new molecular-level tools, and challenges in modern applied toxicology.

Both human and environmental toxicology applications will be studied.

Research Trends in Toxicology

Topics covered include:

  • How the principles of toxicology are being applied to cutting-edge research questions in human and environmental toxicology
  • Novel tools available for toxicological research and how these are leading to discovery of new effects and modes-of-toxic-action
  •  Toxicity testing in the 21st century, toxicogenomics, ecotoxicology, genetic toxicology, endocrine disruption, reproductive or developmental toxicology, dealing with chemical mixtures, and topical issues such as emerging contaminants and microplastics

Course includes lectures, laboratory work, workshop exercises, presentations and discussions.

Required course for MSc in Environmental Science, Elective course in the natural sciences

Special eligibility requirements

Toxicology for Environmental Scientists (7.5 ECTS, MI7015), good command of English.


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