Course description

The purpose of the course is to study different environmental issues from the starting point of anthropogenic impacts on natural systems, and includes social, political and economic responses to the problems. The course offers training in working individually and in groups to analyze environmental issues, seek and compile information, and communicate results orally and in writing. The basics in statistical treatment of environmental data will also be covered. Students will prepare a scientific inquiry in which knowledge from different disciplines complement each other.
The course is problem-oriented and consists of group and individual work, lectures, seminars, and exercises.


Schedule autumn 2018


Special eligibility requirements

Bachelor of Science, or its equivalent, including at least 90 ECTS credits in the field of natural sciences. English B/English 6 or the equivalent.

Evaluations & reports

Course coordinator

Paul Glantz
Environmental representative
Atmospheric Science

Phone +46 8 674 7647


Student counsellors

Environmental Science
Miljö- och hälsoskydd

Analytical Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry