Course description

The course is designed to provide a fundamental survey of concepts and definitions in Environmental Chemistry. The course will give a fundamental survey of different types of organic contaminants: production/sources, use, properties, distribution, abiotic transformation, metabolism and chemical analysis. Some methods for analysis of environmental contaminants will be presented. Furthermore, the course will give a basic survey of chemical reactions of inorganic compounds in natural waters; thermodynamics, kinetics and chemical equilibrium in nature; inorganic environmental chemistry, especially the sources of heavy metals, their distribution and potential health risks and environmental hazards. The course will also give a basic survey of atmospheric composition and processes: ozone chemistry of the stratosphere, photochemistry of the troposphere, atmospheric particles, cloud chemistry. Sources, transport, chemistry, deposition and effects of atmospheric contaminants; greenhouse gases and climate change.


Schedule autumn 2018


Distributed literature/ lecture hand-outs/compendium/ scientific articles

Special eligibility requirements

30 ECTS credits Chemistry.

Course coordinator

Hitesh Motwani
Exposure & Effects

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