Course description

During this course, the students will reflect on decision-making processes relevant for the risk management of four major environmental challenges: climate, air pollution and health, chemicals, and water management.

For each environmental challenge there will be an overview of the risk management processes on a national, regional, and global level, with focus on how scientific data are used to inform those processes.

The course will introduce how regulatory decisions are made within the EU and other authoritative bodies and stakeholders, as well as general principles for decision-making such as the precautionary principle and the substitution principle. During the course, invited lecturers will provide different perspectives of risk management decision-making.

The course will also include aspects of risk communication and science policy interactions, such as how scientific data should be communicated in order to effectively inform decision-making.

Special eligibility requirements

Knowledge equivalent to 30 credits on the master programmes in Environmental Science focusing on Atmosphere, Biogeochemistry and Climate(NABCO) or Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (NETCO), including MI7014 “Large Scale Challenges to Climate and Environment”.

Course coordinator

Magnus Breitholtz
Head of department
Exposure & Effects

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