Developing solutions to environmental challenges in the 21st century requires combining a holistic understanding of large-scale, connected, “wicked” problems with an understanding of processes that happen at the microscopic level.

ACES offers programmes at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels which encourage students to expand their knowledge in both breadth and depth. Every programme offers a solid academic foundation and allows students to develop themselves in their chosen specialisations with elective courses. Independent work and degree projects support students to become self-sufficient thinkers, actors and researchers. The two PhD programmes are focused exclusively on original research.

Research at ACES is highly interdisciplinary and has impacts both on scientific advancement and on society. Our researchers and educators interact with society to contribute to sustainable development. Our BSc and MSc programmes integrate real-world problem solving with theory and practice.

A degree from ACES in environmental science opens many doors. Our graduates work as researchers and consultants in industry, as well as in the public and not-for-profit sectors.

Programmes (in English unless specified)

Bachelor’s level, (180 ECTS/hp)

Master’s level (120 ECTS/hp)

Research level

Most of the courses offered in these programmes can also be taken separately. List of courses

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Environmental Science
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