The Department of Environmental Science offers a wide range of courses that are often interdisciplinary and span across a variety of areas such as atmospheric science, ecotoxicology, analytical methods and biogeochemistry among others.

All courses at the Department of Environmental Science can be taken as part of a programme or as freestanding.

Note! From 22 March 2022 teaching and examination will mainly take place according to the regular form on campus.


The Bachelor’s programme is only given in Swedish

Kandidatprogrammet i miljövetenskap har tre inriktningar: biologi, geovetenskap eller kemi och ges i samarbete med institutioner inom dessa områden samt även matematik.

Master’s programmes

The Department of Environmental Science offers Master’s programmes to help students expand and deepen their knowledge in environmental science and environment and health protection.

Application procedures

Exchange studies

Are you a student in another country thinking about coming to Sweden? Or are you a Stockholm university student planning to study abroad one semester or two? Exchange studies are a great way to gain new experiences.

PhD studies

The Department of Environmental Science offers PhD studies in atmospheric science, (eco)toxicology, organic and inorganic environmental contaminants, and biogeochemisty.

MOOC Course

Introduction to assessment and management of chemicals

The Department of Environmental Science is offering a MOOC course for those who would like to know more about the assessment and management of chemicals.

Human activities have had a profound impact on the environment – global warming, pollution, ocean acidification, loss of biodiversity, to name but a few. Developing solutions to environmental challenges in the 21st century requires a holistic approach if we are to become a sustainable society. Environmental scientists contribute the knowledge and tools to tackle these challenges. It could be you!

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our courses and programmes, admissions, registration, studying abroad, career prospects or if you need individual guidance related to your studies.

Study counsellor and Exchange coordinator

Frida Edberg

Information and guidance related to courses and programmes in environmental science, and questions concerning our exchange programmes

Study counsellor

Paula Jokela

Information and guidance related to Master’s programme in Environment and health protection (Masterprogram i miljö- och hälsoskydd)

Director of studies

Ann-Kristin Eriksson Wiklund

Questions concerning rules and regulations, credit transfer and development of educations

PhD studies administration

Karin Bergman

Responsible for the administration for the research education