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The Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry (ACES) at Stockholm University has a strong research focus (>100 peer-reviewed articles per year) spanning from environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology to atmospheric science and biogeochemistry. In the Contaminant Chemistry Unit we study all aspects of the occurrence of pollutants in the environment. Areas of particular focus include the discovery of new contaminants, …

Postdoctoral Fellow in Trace Metal Biogeochemistry

The Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry is a multidisciplinary department that gathers scientists from diverse fields in the natural sciences to study environmental phenomena with some 200 faculty, researchers, doctoral students and support staff from over 30 countries. Our research spans across five major areas: chemical contaminants, atmospheric aerosols, biogeochemical cycles of carbon and nutrients, ecotoxicology, and analytical …

Postdoctoral Fellow in Human Exposomics

We seek a postdoctoral fellow with strong mass spectrometry skills to develop new methods for exposomics in human biofluids. This will involve multiplexing of target methods for trace-contaminants in limited volumes of sample, and development of new workflows in nontarget mass spectrometry (GC- and LC-Orbitrap) to characterize complex environmental chemical mixtures in human serum or urine. The position is a two year postdoctoral fellowship fully funded by the Swedish Research Council, Formas.

Postdoctoral Fellow in Mixture Toxicology and High-Throughput Screening

We seek a postdoctoral fellow with strong skills in molecular toxicology, or in a closely related field, to develop and apply methods for High-Throughput Screening (HTS) and High Content Analysis (HCA), to estimate the health risks of real-world environmental chemical mixtures in cells. This will involve work with established cellular assays in HTS format and development of image-based HCA methods to elucidate the effects of environmental chemical mixtures found in individual human blood samples.

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Geovetenskapens Hus,
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Arrheniuslaboratoriet, Svante Arrhenius väg 16, Stockholm (Unit for Analytical and Toxicological Chemistry)

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Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry (ACES)
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