Assistant Professor Claudia Mohr, ACES

Assistant Professor Claudia Mohr has been awarded the AS Division Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). Early Career Scientist Award recipients, who are normally from both European and non-European countries, have been selected for ”their important contributions to the Earth, planetary and space sciences.” 

“I am very happy and honoured to receive this award. The science we do is always a collaborative effort, and I am looking forward to continuing this work alongside my great colleagues near and far,” says Claudia Mohr who joined ACES in May 2017.

Claudia’s research focuses on the characterization of the chemical composition of organic aerosol particles and organic trace gases by means of advanced mass spectrometric techniques. She is also interested in their sources, formation and transformation processes, and fate in the atmosphere both in the field and in the laboratory.

Award recipients will receive their prizes during the EGU 2018 General Assembly, which will take place in Vienna on 8–13 April 2018.


Claudia Mohr
Assistant professor
Atmospheric Science

Phone +46 8 674 7549