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Q&A on the coronavirus for newly admitted students

This information is for international students who have applied to Stockholm University through and have been admitted for studies commencing in autumn 2020, exchange students should instead follow the instructions they receive from their…

Fewer premature deaths from air pollution in Stockholm likely due to Corona Effect

In the midst of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, traffic in major streets in central Stockholm was reduced by a fifth on average during March, report researcher from the Department of Environmental Science and pollution watchdog…

Unknown PFAS are abundant in marine mammals from the Northern Hemisphere

Researchers at the Department of Environmental Science discovered new fluorinated chemicals in marine mammals from the Northern Hemisphere. The study was just published in Environmental Science and Technology. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances or PFASs are…

Apply now for autumn 2020 studies

Application is now open for Master’s- and Bachelor’s programmes at the Department of Environmental Science:   Kandidatprogram i miljövetenskap (Bachelor’s Programme in Environmental Science) Masterprogram i miljö- och hälsoskydd (Master’s Programme in Environment and Health Protection) Master’s…

Stockholm University chemists mix hand sanitiser for current health care needs

Just over 200 litres of newly produced hand sanitiser, plastic gloves, face masks and other items in high demand comprise the first consignment of disposable items, assembled by chemists at Stockholm University to be delivered…

Education of high quality

We offer a range of courses in environmental science. Our courses provide training that is tailored to your career aspirations, and offer pathways that can help you reach your potential.

Study counsellors

Environmental Science, Miljö- och hälsoskyd
Tel. +46 8 674 7339

How to apply and register

Programmes and courses autumn 2020 are open for application 16 Mars - 15 April. Read more about application dates and registration.


Vi erbjuder ett naturvetenskapligt kandidatprogram i miljövetenskap, 180 hp. Programmet har tre inriktningar: biologi, geovetenskap eller kemi.

Master's programme

We offer master’s programmes, 120 credits, in environmental science and within environment and health protection (Miljö- och hälsoskydd).


Our courses provide training that is tailored to your career aspirations, and offer pathways that can help you reach your potential.

External Relations

Our ambition is to contribute to a sustainable society. For that, we provide support and expert advice to government agencies, private companies, non-governmental organizations, schools and other groups on a variety of issues.

Information & contact

Professor Ian Cousins
+46 (0)8 16 4012

Expert advice

Our researchers offer expert advice to media, government agencies, industry, schools and non-governmental organisations.

Commissioned research

We help government agencies and the private sector with laboratory and field investigations, data reviews and knowledge syntheses.

Strategic collaborations

On occasion and on a case-by-case basis, we engage in long-term strategic collaborations with external partners that share our commitment to sustainability.

Interdisciplinary research with impact

Cutting edge research on global issues: chemical contaminants, atmospheric aerosols, biogeochemical cycles of carbon and nutrients, and analytical chemistry


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We host a wide range of research facilities including advanced instrumentation, field stations, models and more.

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