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Adverse biological effects of environmental pollutants, primarily on animals. Current research is focused mainly on thiamine deficiency in wildlife, such as birds, fish, mammals, and invertebrates. Specific qualifications include histology, histopathology, histochemistry, cytochemistry, data management, statistical analysis, and scientific writing.

Latest scientific papers

Widespread episodic thiamine deficiency in Northern Hemisphere wildlife

Balk, L.; Hägerroth, P.-Å.; Gustavsson, H.; Sigg, L.; Åkerman, G.; Ruiz Muñoz, Y.; Honeyfield, D.C.; Tjärnlund, U.; Oliveira, K.; Ström, K.; McCormick, S.D.; Karlsson, S.; Ström, M.; van Manen, M.; Berg, A.-L.; Halldórsson, H.; Strömquist, J.; Collier, T.K.; Börjeson, H.; Mörner, T.; Hansson, T.
2016 | Sci Rep | 6 (38821) (1-13)

Pollutant concentrations and toxic effects on the red alga Ceramium tenuicorne of sediments from natural harbors and small vessel harbors on the west coast of Sweden

2016 | Arch. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. | 70 (3) (583-594)

Cytological and biochemical biomarkers in adult female perch (Perca fluviatilis) in a chronically polluted gradient in the Stockholm recipient (Sweden)

Hansson, T.; Baršiene, J.; Tjärnlund, U.; Åkerman, G.; Linderoth, M.; Zebühr, Y.; Sternbeck, J.; Järnberg, U.; Balk, L.
2014 | Mar. Pollut. Bull. | 81 (27-40)

Biomarker investigations in adult female perch (Perca fluviatilis) from industrialised areas in northern Sweden in 2003

Hansson, T.; Hansen, W.; Tjärnlund, U.; Balk, L.; Bengtsson, B.-E.
2014 | Arch. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. | 66 (237-247)

Comparison of two measures of missing cofactor in cofactor-dependent enzymes: proportion versus relative increase

2012 | The Open Biomarkers Journal | 5 (16-21)

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Exposure and effects of chemical contaminants on living organisms.