Roger Westerholm

Room: A320b
Phone: +46 8 16 2440

Staff Research

Chemical characterization of pollutants from mobile sources.

Fuel impact on exhaust emissions from vehicles.

Urban air related research.

Risk identification.

Group members:
Roger Westerholm, Ioannis Sadiktsis, Hwanmi Lim, Rozanna Avagyan and Lena Elfver.

Latest scientific papers

Physical and chemical properties of RME biodiesel exhaust particles without engine modifications

Nyström, R.; Sadiktsis, I.; Ahmed, T.M.; Westerholm, R.; Koegler, J.H.; Blomberg, A.; Sandström, T.; Boman, C.
2016 | Fuel | 186 (261-269)

Suspect screening of OH-PAHs and non-target screening of other organic compounds in wood smoke particles using HR-Orbitrap-MS

2016 | Chemosphere | 163 (313-321)

Determination of semi-volatile and particle-associated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Stockholm air with emphasis on the highly carcinogenic dibenzopyrene isomers.

Masala, S.; Lim, H.; Bergvall, C.; Johansson, C.; Westerholm, R.
2016 | Atmos. Environ., Part A | 140 (370-380)

Particulate hydroxy-PAH emissions from a residential wood log stove using different fuels and burning conditions

Rozanna Avagyan; Robin Nyström; Robert Lindgren; Christoffer Boman; Roger Westerholm
2016 | Atmos Environ | 140 (1-9)

Removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and genotoxic compounds in urban air using air filter materials for mechanical ventilation in buildings

Sadiktsis, I.; Nilsson, G.; Johansson, U.; Rannug, U.; Westerholm, R.
2016 | Sci technol built env | 22 (3) (346-355)

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Analytical Chemistry

Analyzing organic chemicals: Basic research in method development and environmental / bioanalytical applications.