Juan-Camilo Acosta

Recently graduated
Room: X219

About me

My research is focused on understanding how different human activities have affected and could affect climate globally and locally through changes in the atmospheric aerosol composition and land-use. I am particularly interested in the remote climate effects of regional radiative forcing caused by short-lived climate pollutants or land-use changes.


Latest scientific papers

Future Response of Temperature and Precipitation to Reduced Aerosol Emissions as Compared with Increased Greenhouse Gas Concentrations

Navarro, JCA; Ekman, AML; Pausata, FSR; Lewinschal, A; Varma, V; Seland, O; Gauss, M; Iversen, T; Kirkevag, A; Riipinen, I; Hansson, HC
2017 | J Clim | 30 (3) (939-954)

Modeling the thermodynamics and kinetics of sulfuric acid-dimethylamine-water nanoparticle growth in the CLOUD chamber

Ahlm, L; Yli-Juuti, T; Schobesberger, S; Praplan, AP; Kim, J; Tikkanen, OP; Lawler, MJ; Smith, JN; Trostl, J; Navarro, JCA; Baltensperger, U; Bianchi, F; Donahue, NM; Duplissy, J; Franchin, A; Jokinen, T; Keskinen, H; Kirkby, J; Kurten, A; Laaksonen, A; Lehtipalo, K; Petaja, T; Riccobono, F; Rissanen, MP; Rondo, L; Schallhart, S; Simon, M; Winkler, PM; Worsnop, DR; Virtanen, A; Riipinen, I
2016 | Aerosol Sci Technol | 50 (10) (1017-1032)

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