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Metals on ICP-MS, Nutrients on Auto-Analyser.

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Export of calcium carbonate corrosive waters from the East Siberian Sea

Leif G. Anderson; Jörgen Ek; Ylva Ericson; Christoph Humborg; Igor Semiletov; Marcus Sundbom; Adam Ulfsbo
2017 | Biogeosciences | 14 (1811-1823)

On-Line Fourier Transform Infrared Detection in Capillary Electrophoresis

M. Kölhed, P. Hinsmann, P. Svasek, J. Frank, B. Karlberg, B. Lendl
2002 | 74(15) (3843-3848)

Influence of acidification and liming on the distribution of trace elements in surface waters.

Borg, H.; Ek, J. & Holm
2001 | Wat. Air Soil Pollut. | 130 (1757-1762)

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How human activities affect natural processes that drive the major biogeochemical cycles that ultimately govern the composition of the environment.