Ian Cousins

Room: S502
Phone: + 46 8 16 4012

Research Interests

Research comprises a combination of modelling and experimental approaches to investigate the sources, transport, fate and exposure of chemical contaminants. A suite of modelling tools are used to: (i) estimate key physicochemical properties of chemicals, (ii) simulate the transport and fate of chemicals in outdoor and indoor environments, (iii) simulate the bioaccumulation of chemicals in food webs, (iv) estimate human exposure of chemicals and (iv) simulate the pharmacokinetics of chemicals in wildlife species and humans.

There has been much recent focus on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) which due to their unique environmental chemistry offer exciting new research opportunities. We work closely with analytical chemists in our department to better understand the behaviour of these and other substances.

Latest scientific papers

Early life exposure to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs): A critical review

Winkens, K.; Vestergren, R.; Berger, U.; Cousins, I.T.
2017 | Emerging Contaminants | XX (XX) (XXX-XXX)

Relationships between estimated flame retardant emissions and levels in indoor air and house dust

Liagkouridis, I.; Cequier, E.; Lazarov, B.; Cousins, A.P.; Thomsen, C.; Stranger, M.; Cousins, I.T.
2017 | Indoor Air | 27 (3) (650-657)

Toward a comprehensive global emission inventory of C4–C10 perfluoroalkane sulfonic acids (PFSAs) and related precursors: focus on the life cycle of C8-based products and ongoing industrial transition

Wang, Z.; Boucher, J.M.; Scheringer, M.; Cousins, I.T.; Hungerbuehler, K.
2017 | Environ. Sci. Technol. | 18 (51) (4482-4493)

Water-to-air transfer of branched and linear PFOA: Influence of pH, concentration and water type

Johansson, J.H.; Yan, H.; Berger, U.; Cousins, I.T.
2017 | Emerging Contaminants | 3 (1) (46-53)

Estimating uptake of phthalate ester metabolites into the human nail plate using pharmacokinetic modelling

Bui, T.T.; Alves, A.; Palm-Cousins, A.; Voorspoels, S.; Covaci, A.; Cousins, I.T.
2017 | Environ Int | 100 (148-155)

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Contaminant Chemistry

Pollutants in the environment: Where they come from, where they go, and who gets exposed.

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