Göran Lidén

Associate professor
Room: X221
Phone: +46 8 674 7641

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Aerosol sampling at workplaces.
Design, testing and validation of workplace aerosol samplers.

Latest scientific papers

Inter-comparison of personal monitors for nanoparticles exposure at workplaces and in the environment

Todea, A. M.; Beckmann, S; Kaminski, H.; Bard, D.; Bau, B.; Clavaguera, S.; Dahmann, D.; Dozol, H.; Dziurowitz, N.; Elihn, K.; Fierz, M.; Lidén, G.; Meyer-Plath, A.; Monz, C.; Neumann, V.; Pelzer, J.; Simonow, B. K.; Thali, P.; Tuinman, I.; van der Vleuten, A.; Vroomen, H.; Christof Asbach, C.
2017 | Sci. Total Environ. | 605-606 (929-945)

Transport and Deposition of Welding Fume Agglomerates in a Realistic Human Nasal Airway

Tian, L.; Inthavong, K.; Lidén, G.; Shang, Y.; Tu, J.
2016 | Ann Occup Hyg | 60 (6) (731-747)

An approach for manganese biomonitoring using a manganese carrier switch in serum from transferrin to citrate at slightly elevated manganese concentration

B. Michalke; L. Aslanoglou; M. Ochsenkühn-Petropoulou; B. Bergström; A. Berthele; M. Vinceti; M. Lucio; G. Lidén
2015 | J Trace Elem Med Biol | 32 (145-154)

Workplace aerosol mass concentration measurement using optical particle counters

Görner, P.; Simon, X.; Bémer, D.; Lidén, G.
2012 | J Environ Monit | 14 (421-428)

The European Commission Tries to Define Nanomaterials

2011 | Ann Occup Hyg | 55 (1) (1-5)

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Atmospheric Science

The life cycle and impact of tiny atmospheric particles known as aerosols – both indoors as well as outdoors.