Claudia Lindim

Room: T506
Phone: +46 8 674 7340

Research Interests

Surface water quality modeling
Nutrient cycles and eutrophication
Fate & transport of contaminants in water

Latest scientific papers

Model-predicted occurrence of multiple pharmaceuticals in Swedish surface waters and their flushing to the Baltic Sea

Lindim, C.; van Gils, J.; Cousins, I.T.; Kühne, R.; Georgieva, D.; Kutsarova, S.; Mekenyan, O.
2017 | Environ. Pollut. | 223 (595-604)

Towards the review of the European Union Water Framework management of chemical contamination in European surface water resources

Brack, W.; Dulio, V.; Ågerstrand, M.; Allan, I.; Altenburger, R.; Brinkmann, M.; Bunke, D.; Burgess, R.M.; Cousins, I.T.; Escher, B.I.; Hernández, F.J.; Hewitt, L.M.; Hilscherová, K.; Hollender, J.l.; Hollert, H.; Kase, R.; Klauer, B.; Lindim, C.; Herráez, D.L.; Miège, C.; Munthe, J.; O'Toole, S.; Posthuma, L.; Rüdel, H.; Schäfer, R.B.; Sengl, M.; Smedes, F.; van de Meent, D.; van den Brink, P.J.; van Gils, J.; van Wezel, A.P.; Vethaak, A.D.; Vermeirssen, E.l.; von der Ohe, P.C.; Vrana, B.
2017 | Sci. Total Environ. | 576 (720-737)

Evaluation of human pharmaceutical emissions and concentrations in Swedish river basins

Lindim, C.; van Gils, J.; Georgieva, D.; Mekenyan, O.; Cousins, I.T.
2016 | Sci. Total Environ. | 572 (508-519)

Europe-wide estuarine export and surface water concentrations of PFOS and PFOA

2016 | Water Res. | 103 (124-132)

A large-scale model for simulating the fate & transport of organic contaminants in river basins

Lindim, C.; van Gils, J.; Cousins, I.T.
2016 | Chemosphere | 144 (803-810)

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Contaminant Chemistry

Pollutants in the environment: Where they come from, where they go, and who gets exposed.