Christian Beer

Associate professor
Room: S506
Phone: +46 8 674 7387

Research interests

The terrestrial carbon, water and energy balances are key components of the Earth system which are highly linked. Therefore, I have a long-term interest in understanding their coupling due to various processes and at different scales. My geographical focus is on northern hemisphere ecosystems. One topic of the research group is to mechanistically understand atmosphere-land exchanges of CO2, CH4 and water, and in particular due to permafrost carbon dynamics. Another topic concerns northern high latitude vegetation carbon stocks pattern in relation to climate. In addition, a new focus is on lateral export of carbon to freshwater systems and the fate of carbon within these systems. One leading question is what will be implications of climate change on permafrost states and subsequent effects on the vertical and lateral carbon processes. An interesting sub-question is, what are effects of variability of meteorological variables and extreme events on these vertical and lateral ecosystem processes?


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Latest scientific papers

Effects of bryophyte and lichen cover on permafrost soil temperature at large scale

Porada, P.; Ekici, A.; Beer, C.
2016 | TC | 10 (2291-2315)

Permafrost Sub-grid Heterogeneity of Soil Properties Key for 3-D Soil Processes and Future Climate Projections

2016 | Front. Earth Sci | 4:81

Soil-frost-enabled soil-moisture–precipitation feedback over northern high latitudes

Hagemann, S.; Blome, T.; Ekici, A.; Beer, C.
2016 | Earth Syst. Dynam. | 7 (611-625)

Variability in the sensitivity among model simulations of permafrost and carbon dynamics in the permafrost region between 1960 and 2009

McGuire, A. D.; Koven, C.; Lawrence, D. M.; Clein, J. S.; Xia, J.; Beer, C.; Burke, E.; Chen, G.; Chen, X.; Delire, C.; Jafarov, E.; MacDougall, A. H.; Marchenko, S.; Nicolsky, D; Peng, S.; Rinke, A.; Saito, K.; Zhang, W.; Alkama, R.; Bohn, T. J.; Ciais, P.; Decharme, B; Ekici, A.; Gouttevin, I.; Hajima, T.; Hayes, D. J.; Ji, D.; Krinner, G.; Lettenmaier, D. P.; Luo, Y.; Miller, P. A.; Moore, J. C.; Romanovsky, V.; Schädel, C.; Schaefer, K.; Schuur, E. A. G.; Smith, B.; Sueyoshi, T.; Zhuang, Q.
2016 | Global Biogeochem Cycles | 30 (1015-1037)

High potential for weathering and climate effects of non-vascular vegetation in the Late Ordovician

Porada, P.; Lenton, T. M.; Pohl, A.; Weber, B.; Mander, L.; Donnadieu, Y.; Beer, C.; Pöschl, U.; Kleidon, A.
2016 | Nat. Commun. | 7:12113

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