Aspvreten Research Station
Research Station at Aspvreten south of Stockholm

The Atmospheric Sciences unit monitors a number of air pollutants at Aspvreten, a rural site about 80 km SW of Stockholm. The monitoring commenced in 1984. The monitoring is a part of the national environmental monitoring program that is funded and organised by Naturvårdsverket.

During the eighties the measurement were focused on acidification. The nineties shifted the focus to photochemical oxidants e.g. ozone. During the last decades measurements also include long-term monitoring of particles as well as more process oriented studies of aerosol particles.

At present the continuous monitoring program includes:

  • Particle number size distribution, from 10 to 500 nm.
  • Particle mass in two fractions, PM10 and PM2.5
  • Particle mass, carbonaceous material, (organic carbon, OC, and elemental carbon, EC)
  • Black carbon, soot
  • Aerosol light scattering
  • Surface ozone (IVL)
  • Meteorology (temperature, relative humidity, wind, global radiation, and pressure)

During 2017 the measurements will be moved from Aspvreten to Norunda, north of Uppsala. Measurements will therefor be made in parallel for at least a year starting 2016.

All data are reported to EBAS

Project Info

Project start: 1984

Funded by

Naturvårdsverket (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency)

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