Study of aerosols and clouds at Åre using in-situ (mountain top) and remote sensing techniques (valley). Start 25 June 2014 – End 7 October 2014.

Time lapse video during the installation of the instruments on Åreskutan while clouds evolve.


View from the roof of the research station at Åreskutan during the CAEsAR 2014 campaign. Photo: Paul Zieger.



The Raman lidar in action. All remote sensing instruments were located on the roof of the cable car station in Åre. Photo: Paul Zieger.


Press coverage in Östersunds Posten (in Swedish):


CAESAR data workshop (12-13 February 2015, ACES, Stockholm University)

Thre program can be found here.

Project Info

Project start: 2014

Funded by

Vetenskaprådet (VR),
Swiss National Science Foundation