Analytical Chemistry is the discipline in chemistry focusing on identification and quantification of chemical compounds. Analytical Chemistry involves all the topics of the “Analytical Chain” ranging from sampling strategy to the final reporting of data. It includes areas such as analytical methodology, techniques for sampling, separation and spectroscopic methods, instrumental techniques, handling, processing and evaluation of data.

The master programme consists of compulsory advanced courses in Analytical Chemistry totaling 105 ECTS and one freely elective course of 15 ECTS. The compulsory advanced courses include a Degree project in Analytical Chemistry of at least 45 ECTS. The Degree project focuses on performing independent research within a research group at the Department or in the industry. It also includes oral presentations and the writing of a scientific report. The Degree project finalizes the Master in Analytical Chemistry and prepares the student for a professional career in industry, academia or other activities in society.

The master’s programme in Analytical Chemistry is open for Swedish as well as international students and all courses are given in English.


Compulsory courses (105 ECTS):

Advanced Separation Methods (15 ECTS), KA5002

Mass Spectrometry (15 ECTS), KA7004

Chemometrics (15 ECTS), KA7002

Bioanalytical Chemistry (15 ECTS), KA7005

Degree Project in Analytical Chemistry (45 ECTS), KA9005


Elective courses (15 ECTS):

One freely elective course (15 ECTS)


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