Course description

This is a ten week course at the advanced level and is given in the spring term. It deals with air pollution in the ambient urban and indoor environments and how air pollution problems can be alleviated. You will learn about the underlying causes of air pollution in the urban and indoor environments as well as how air pollution problems can be reduced. The course focuses on the sources and distribution of air pollutants, atmospheric mixing, human exposure, health effects, societal costs, as well as laws and regulations in relation to air pollution. The course consists of lectures, exercises in model calculations and air pollution measurements as well as a project work. It offers opportunities for contact with environmental agencies responsible for air quality in urban areas.

Special eligibility requirements

Bachelor of Science, or its equivalent, including at least 90 HEC in Biology, Physics, Chemistry Mathematics or Geological Sciences. Good command of the English language.


Christer Johansson
Atmospheric Science

Phone +46 8 674 7276