Every alumnus of ACES is a valuable member of our alumni community. During your time at ACES, we hope that in some way we have helped shape your life, career, even values.

We want you to stay connected and to get involved in upcoming activities. Your success inspires us to continue providing a stimulating work environment and world-class education to current and future students.

We also urge you to come back to see how the department has been evolving over the years. We’ve added new challenging academic programs and courses as well as state-of-the art facilities. These are just some of the exciting improvements that put ACES in the forefront of environmental science and analytical chemistry in the country and internationally.

For more information about reconnecting with ACES contact our alumni coordinator.

Did you know that the ACES alumni group is on Facebook and LinkedIn? Join us on social media to get information about upcoming events, seminars and much more!


Kim Dahlgren Strååt
Alumni coordinator
Phone +46 8 674 7160

Stella Papadopoulou
Science communicator
Phone +46 8 674 7011